Needle Felting a Sleeping Skunk

IMG_4777This is the last from the sleepy animals tutorials.   All of the sleepy animals start out the same way and then there are adjustments to heads and ears.  This one had a tail and it was good to work with a fluffy tail.  I now know how to ‘shingle’ fur.  It is easier than you would think and fun to do.  It might be a bit time consuming to add fur on certain projects, but generally it is fun.  Fun is the operative word here.  It has been a long time since I actually had fun creating anything.  Unfortunately, black doesn’t photograph well, but trust me, this little guy is cute!  All the sleepy animals are cute.  What is not cute about a sleeping baby animal?  My favorite has to be the sleepy red squirrel.

felting photos1-002There may be other sleeping animals in the future, but I am going to try other things first.  Watch this space.