Needle Felting an Owl

I was looking at various felting tutorials and randomly came across a tutorial for an owl.

Downloads2If you know what you are doing, this will only take about half an hour.  As usual, I always watch the videos before doing the tutorial.  In this instance it was a good thing as I was able to make some adjustments that turned into an afterthought on the video.  Most of the time I don’t always have the exact material as to what is used in the video, so I tend to wing it! Get it?! Ha!  In this case, I added a bit of wire to the base of the owl to make him more bendy.  There are no legs here as it is meant to be used as an ornament, or sitting on a nest.  He fits in the palm of my hand and is a few inches.  I used some lovely topcoat that I bought from the fibre fair I recently went to.  The hairs are very long and soft.  I had to cut them as they were so strong when I tried to pull a piece of roving.  I think it would make a lovely knitting yarn.  Anyway, it does make great fur or fluff.   Owls don’t have fur, but they do have fluffy looking feathers.   There are so many different ways to make owls as there are so many different types too.  Making the eyes symmetrical is a bit challenging, but he does look cute with his crazy eyes.

Generally I am not into cute art.  Not that I am a serious artist, it is just that the cuteness factor doesn’t really cut it with me.  I like folk art, but I don’t think of that as being cute, like a puppy or kittens are cute.  However, when it comes to needle felting, cuteness counts for me.  How strange!  I am aiming to try and make something every day, so I best get cracking.