WIP: Needle Felting an Ocean Angel

Downloads2This is my first doll.  My actual intention was to make a very simple doll that could actually be played with and that was dressed in old fashioned clothes.  However, this doll had other ideas.  While I was felting her head, it came to me that she wanted to be an Angel.  Oh great, I thought!  How the heck am I going to do that?  And as I kept stabbing it all came to me and here she is!  My Ocean Angel!

I made her in a similar manner to my gnomes, so she didn’t really take very long to make.  I think I have the gnome thing down now.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but there are Angelica fibers (sparkly) in her wings.  I am still working out how to finish her off.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!