Wet Felted Green Vessel – WIP


IMG_5402Wet Felted Green Bowl approximately 6×6 inches

Here is the second bowl I made on the August Bank Holiday Monday.  This bowl is slightly thicker and feels sturdier than the Purple Bowl I made earlier in the day.  I had ordered some mixed Scandinavian wool batts from a different supplier than the one I normally use as they also carried the box of sari silk fibers that I wanted.  Also, the batts are in 100g units which means that if you don’t like it…. There are really only two major wool suppliers in the UK that offer wool at a reasonable rate.  Then there are the smaller suppliers if you want something different.  I like to shop around.

I started off with the new batt as my inside layer.  I am of two minds of this wool.  The color is great, and the texture is fine for what I need, but there is a huge amount of vegetable matter in the batt.  Fortunately, as the batt is for the inside color, it really doesn’t matter.  Because of all of the VM, I used a variegated Corriedale on top of that as I was going to do the bowl within bowl thing again and that is what was going to stick out.  I then used some more Corriedale in light green and an ice blue.  The Corriedale in these colors has a long staple like Merino, so when I first got it to needle felt with I was really disappointed as I love the colors.  The texture is not great for needle felting, but is excellent for wet felting.  It is also cheaper than Merino, so bonus!

As with the purple bowl, I used some green sari silk, threads, ribbon, yarn and curls.  This was all held down by a very thin layer of the light green Corriedale.  The yellow/green matches the light green for the layer underneath in the variegated wool.  See how I thought about that?  The cool thing that happened is that when the wool shrunk, the green ribbon poked out.

IMG_5403 I need to cut or tuck in one of the loose pieces of ribbon, but otherwise I really like this happy accident.  I’ve got some beads for bling and then it’s done.  Here is another look from a different angle.



Wet Felted Purple Vessel

IMG_5404I spent the August Bank Holiday Monday pottering around and making bowls.  I am trying to use up some odd bundles of Corriedale.  I bought a mixed pack of colors that are blended.  I haven’t used them except to make magnets, but I thought it might be nice for the bowls as Corriedale felts really well.  This bowl is approximately 5.5 x 5.5 inches.  I used a 9.5 inch wide resist, so it shrunk down really well.

I have been trying to find out how to make a bowl within a bowl, but there are no tutorials on how to do that.  So, I spent a lot of time looking at bowls on Pinterest and blogs trying to figure out how to do them.  This purple bowl is the first one I tried to do this on.  I think that it sort of works, but I need to try more.  I may also need to use more layers as this bowl, although shaped very well, is quite thin.  I am still learning.  It is all an experiment.

I added some sari silk ribbon and sari silk fibers on the topcoat as well as some shiny ribbon I saved from something.  These were all held down by a very thin layer of pale lilac colored Merino.  Here is what the sari silk looks like:

The ribbons are the end cuts of sari silk and is a by-product of the industry and sold to crafters.  You can also knit with it.  I may have to be more bold with using these next time as silk isn’t meant to felt very well into the wool and is why I used wisps of Merino to hold them down.

I am calling this finished for now.  I like the idea of stitching some beads on them, but I don’t have any in the right colors now.  I keep trawling the charity shops for old necklaces I can take apart.  Photo below with more detail.  This one will be living in my bedroom as it goes with my décor! 🙂


Wet Felted Blue Vessel

After feeling a bit blue about my second attempt at making vessels (I didn’t feel they were successful), I just went ahead and made another one.  Here it is.

IMG_5399I have a large amount of Corriedale wool in my stash, and as it felts really well I will be making many bowls in different colors.  I love blue.  Funny that as I don’t really have blue in my house.  My bowl looks a bit brighter than in the photo.  The top is more turquoise.  The inside of the bowl is a different color.


There is a bit of pink in the wool mix.  I used two shades of blue, and for the top coat at the top of the bowl, I used some bits of wool, ribbon and glittery string I had in a stash.  I then used a very thin layer of light blue Merino to hold the bits down as they wouldn’t felt.  I made sure that I spent a lot of time fulling the wool to get rid of the wrinkles.  After that I inflated a balloon to hold the shape while it was drying.  I have a heated clothes airer so that my clothes dry in the winter and it works really well for drying the vessels as I don’t have an airing cupboard.  Even though I have about 5-6 layers of wool, the layers are quite thin and this bowl is not as thick as the orange vessel I made.  With all of the inclusions, it reminds me of the sea.