Wet Felted Orange Vessel


Since making my first vessel, I have been hooked on making more.  Here is a vessel that I had high hopes for, but alas, it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.  Not everything we make is going to turn out well.  As wet felting vessels is a new thing for me, I will admit that I still have a lot to learn.  One of those things is patience and the other is perseverance.  I used some Corriedale roving in Begonia.  It is a reddish orange color.  I was hoping to make a sturdy pot and the felt on this is quite sturdy.  I topped off the Corriedale with Merino tops and some Teesdale locks in rainbow colors.  The locks just got flattened and the Merino really didn’t felt well together.

I had been looking at this pot for about a week and then on Friday I had gotten up early and went about re-working the pot before I went to work.  I just stuck it in very hot water from the kettle and got my soap to give it a good rubbing, or fulling as they say in felting circles.  First I turned it inside out as it was very crinkly.  Some people like that look in their pots, but that isn’t the look I was after.  I used an empty pickle jar as a template to start to re-shape the pot while I massaged it all over and worked on getting rid of the wrinkles.  Too bad that doesn’t work for faces! Ha!  Once I was happy with the inside, I did the same to the outside.  I even rolled it some more and it shrank a bit more, which is what I wanted.  I was finally happy about getting rid of the wrinkles and the shape it was taking, so I got a very small bowl and worked the vessel around that some more to get a very nice pleasing shape.   Once I was happy with the overall shape, I rinsed the vessel to get rid of the soap and then shaped it around the bowl again to let it dry.  This is how it turned out.

IMG_5393Every thing is well felted together and is very sturdy now.  I feel it looks less casual.  Here it is with the locks added.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  It pays to work the wool for as long as it takes and not try to hurry it up. 🙂