Wet Felted Nautical Vessel

Downloads2-001My camera on my phone doesn’t like certain colors.  This vessel is darker on the bottom and is more turquoise on the top.  I used some sari silk, tussah silk, string, ribbon, and some glittery stuff as decoration, and a bit of turquoise Merino wool to hold the inclusions down.  The fibers were so thin that I didn’t think it would work, but it did.  String and ribbon won’t felt, so you need wool to hold it down.  I even made portholes so you can see a bit of the inside color.  I deconstructed a bracelet made with mother of pearl and added them to the center of my portholes.  I also blanket stitched around each porthole.

The inside is a green wool blend batt and the outside is two different shades of Corriedale wool.  It sits approximately 6.5 inches high x 7 inches wide.  I made the opening a bit wider than I have been doing lately.  Although I use the same size resist for all of my larger vessels (9.6 inch circumference), each vessel turns out different.  It depends on how much wool and what type I guess.  I am not aiming for any particular type of vessel size, just the shape and making sure there are not that many wrinkles in them.  I know wrinkles are a thing, but they are not my thing and I like to make my vessels as smooth as possible.

Someone asked me on one of the FB felting groups what my vessels were for.  I am all for making things that have function and form.  They are useful to put stuff in, or to hide things in and they are also lovely to look at.  Think of it as a soft sculpture.  People buy decorative ceramic pieces just to look at, so why not felted vessels? 🙂