Easy Peasy Christmas Cards

I know, we didn’t even have Thanksgiving yet!  The stores are filled with Christmas items and there are sales going on everywhere.  There is a big retail panic going on.  Christmas is no longer a ‘thing’ for me.  I don’t need anything, except a new kitchen sink and that will be my Christmas present, really.  Sometime in December I will haul down the 3 foot pink tree, already decorated and laden with baubles, from the loft.  That will be my tribute to Christmas.  Although I grew up with Christmas being a big celebration and I loved it as much as any child, I am not a religious person and no longer feel that I need to get into the Christmas spirit, whatever that may be.

However, I do like to send out cards.  I made some cards last year and only have a few left over.  Luckily I found some more blank card stock.  The problem with my card stock is that when you stick something onto it, the card is very difficult to get into the envelope. That’s what happens when you buy cheap card stock.  To get around this, I used the gelli-plate.  It is easy to make tree stencils and they fit the size of my card.  I used both the positive and negative parts of the stencil.  Here is a sample:

xmas cardsAs you can see, they are all different.  I used some gelatos to fill in some bits where the paint didn’t stick and I got a nice grunge effect on some of the cards.  I didn’t wipe my gel plate.  I used student grade paint which is great to use on the gel plate and as most likely these may end up ultimately in the recycling bin.  I also had some Christmas washi tape purchased at Lidl that I used to embellish some of the cards.  These didn’t take long to make and I had a bit of fun too!


WIP – Green Stripes

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, but things have been quite hectic on the work and home front.  Our little dog became quite ill, although it took a few weeks to work out what was wrong with her.  It turns out she has Addison’s Disease, and is now on the mend.  It is amazing how a tiny tablet can work magic and turn things around.  This is a lifelong condition, but at least it is manageable.  I’ve also finished one work contract and started a new one the next day, so no rest for the wicked!  The clocks going back don’t help either.  Instead of waking up at 5am I wake up at 4am.  It seems my body clock only requires 6 hrs of sleep a night and a nap in the afternoon.  Unfortunately naps are not allowed at work!

Weekends have been about catching up with chores, dogs and husband.  If I can find some time, I try to get some arty things going.  I did make some Christmas cards with the gel plate as I found some more blank cards lurking around.  I will show them to you when I’m ready to send them out.  I have also been doing a bit of prep on some cradled panels, A3 size.  They needed 3 coats of gesso.  I also started a small painting in some vibrant colors inspired by my duvet cover. 😉

I thought I would show you my WIP.  Here we go:

IMG_4498Green Stripes – Acrylic and collage on Canvas Board – 10×12 inches

This reminds me of patchwork fields.  I still think it needs something, but not sure what, so I have put it aside for now.  This is what I did with the leftover paint on another 10×12 inch canvas board.

IMG_4500I am afraid to do anything with this as I really like the softness of the stripes, so I am leaving this one also.  By the way, I try to have something to wipe my brushes on such as a spare canvas, panel or even paper for collage.  This way you don’t waste paint and you can start a great underpainting for your next master piece.  Who knows, your leftover paint could become a masterpiece in its own right!

Did I Say That Paintings Look Great Framed?


I am convinced that many paintings look better in a frame.  If it is on paper, then definitely behind glass in a frame.  These two large paintings definitely look better framed.  If the profile of the frame was deeper, I wouldn’t have bothered to frame them, but they were only about 2cm deep and something was needed to anchor the piece.   I am keeping the stripes as I have a place for it upstairs.  The neutral greeny/beige color matches my walls!

I haven’t been painting much these days as I kind of lost my mojo a little bit now that the days are getting shorter and the light is fuzzy.  I have to drive to work with my varifocals on as it is a bit dark when I leave the house.  I have a small piece that I am working on that I am not sure is finished or not, so I am putting it aside until I get more inspiration.  It is nice to have a theme to work with (stripes), but I am a little stuck with what I just started, so I will go on to something else.  I have ideas!