I Had an Ah-Ha Moment!

I have been reading Julie Prichard’s blog.  I really like her work.  So much that I bought the book she wrote with Chris Cozen. (Read her blog, you will find out what the book is.) As I have been reading blog’s at work, I have to watch the videos with the sound off.  But I will most likely do an on-line course with her once I see how I get on with the course I will be starting next week.

I went back to almost when she started writing her blog and discovered that she hadn’t been painting that much longer than me, and that she doesn’t like drawing (like me).  It was the ‘she doesn’t like drawing’ bit that got to me.  I really don’t like it.  I don’t doodle.  I bought a book on how to get out my inner doodle.  One of the things I like about making prints is that I don’t have to draw.  What I love about abstract art and mixed media is that you really don’t have to draw, or even draw well.  I no longer have to beat myself up over the fact that I am not motivated to draw.

If I have any kind of artist envy, it is envy for those that have a dedicated art studio and that can paint full time.  I aspire to having a room (not the dining room) that is totally mine and where I didn’t have to work for other people the way I do now.  That is my intention that I am sending out to the Universe, amen.

It looks like I may be at this contract until the middle of April now (I told them I was good until the middle of May) and so my painting will be limited to weekends unless I have some good light when I get home from work.  And then I will have to fit in this on-line art class!  Yikes!

So, in the meantime, why don’t you have a look at my Etsy 10% off Mother’s Day Sale and buy your mom one of these lovely paintings ready to pop into a frame:

These are all original works of art, made by me!  Thanks for stopping by!


Getting Out of a Funk

I am not totally out of the Doldrums yet, but I think the wind is starting to pick up.

The next thing I am going to say may not be entirely professional of me, but I have my reasons and I think you may forgive/understand my predicament.  I am temping somewhere I have been before.  There are times when the role can be very busy, but the rest/most of the time it is as slow as a tortoise.  As my pay is at the minimum wage, so are my duties.  Basically, I just answer the phone and deal with queries and take messages.  I am qualified and capable of doing more, but I am not being paid to do more, so I don’t, and I haven’t been asked.  In the meantime, in-between answering calls, I look at world news.  World news is quite depressing.  After a couple of days of catching up with The Guardian Online and BBC News, I start to get depressed and angry.   So I started reading art blogs.  Reading art blogs cheers me up and because I can’t make art at work, I get inspired to make art at home.  Remember, I am NOT a doodler.  I don’t doodle.  So, no art at work!

Reading one blog has led me to reading another, and since I have free time I have been reading the blog from back to front.  I am in year 2009.  I am currently reading Carla Sonheim’s blog.  I just love her quirky style.  While reading her blog I remembered something.  I remembered that I also heard of her from a blogger I follow, Jill Kuhn.  Jill has been doing some of her online classes.  Jill also has a quirky sense of humor that I love.  While looking at the free stuff on Carla’s blog, I came across a tutorial that I knew I could do and thought it would kick-start me into getting me out of the Doldrums.

So, I got out my watercolors.  Right?  I didn’t think I would see them anytime soon, but I do have so many pretty colors.  If you don’t have watercolors, you can use ink or add water to your acrylics.


I just followed the tutorial that I will have a link to at the end of this post.  The one on the right I made with the end of a Romaine Lettuce.  I know, the dog usually gets it but he stole a burger from the counter and so I painted with it instead.

I think these actually look better scanned than in real life.  I used pencil in the first and last one and colored pencils for the middle one.  I used Gamboge for the first and third as a wash and a pink for the middle one.  I didn’t do any erasing as I quite like the dark areas of pencil.

Things I learned.

  1. I might make fewer marks to start with.
  2. In saying number 1, I might not make so many lines with the back of my brush after painting on the Gesso and use the pencil more.
  3. It might be a good idea to look at some flowers first to work out some other shapes.

The most important thing that happened was that I got excited about what I was doing.  I was following a process.  Sometimes I need someone to tell me what to do. (Don’t tell my husband that though!)  In following someone else’s process, I learned what works and doesn’t work for me.  I also discovered a cool way to make lily pads!

If you want to try this yourself, visit Carla’s website here.  Thanks for stopping by!


Another New Beginning

After nearly two years of conducting a long distance romance with my sweetheart, things are finally coming to an end.  He’s moved in.  My love has taken early retirement which has made it possible to for him to move down to the south coast.

So, what happens next?

Find out by following our new blog: Dream Big, Pack Lite .

All future posts will be on our new WordPress blog.  We have big plans and are working to making our dreams come true.

Thank you all for your support thus far.  All the best!