Painting Skies

Clouds – Acrylic on Canvas Board – 7×10 inches

I decided to work on clouds this weekend.  There are so many ways to make clouds.  Who knew?  I decided to start in the conventional way.  In the painting above, I used only two colors, Titanium white and Indigo blue.  The trees and hills came about by accident.  I am not sure one would see as many fluffy clouds like these , but that wasn’t the point of the exercise.  The main things is that I enjoyed myself when making them. 🙂


Teaching Myself Watercolor Painting – Sky with Sea

I went back to my book and decided to try my hand at painting clouds.

Watercolor on Paper - 4x6"
Watercolor on Paper – 4×6″

This is another small piece.  I am going to work small until I am confident of working larger.  I followed the lesson in the book.  It was supposed to take 22 minutes.  It took me about a half an hour, so I must be getting better.  I had a few issues with the bottom half of the painting when adding the reflections, but I think I know how to overcome these when attempting something like this again, but from my own photo.

My clouds came out better than I expected, and the technique used here was similar to what we did in the class I had recently taken.  It was good to complete a painting from start to finish without wondering how I was going to have to fix it as I did in my previous painting!

A Fine Spring Day

Spring is definitely in the air.  Some days, the weather can’t make up its mind what it wants to do.  Sometimes we get a little bit of everything.

Last Sunday, was a beautiful day.  I went for a walk on the seafront.  Looking towards Beachy Head, there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  Looking towards The Pier, there were masses of clouds.  It didn’t even rain! 🙂

It was a beautiful day for sailing and there were many people walking on the seafront.  There was a lovely breeze and you could taste the sea air.

Wednesday evening, I walked along the seafront after work.  Although we can’t actually watch the sunset over the water, we do get a lovely light in the sky as the sun is going down.

It would be great if we could have sunsets like these every evening.