Winter Grass on Etsy

While out walking the dogs I found some grass heads in the field.  Most of the grass has died down, but there were a couple still standing tall, so I picked it.  As with anything 3D, it can be tricky to glue plant matter onto a cardboard plate.  The idea is to have your plant matter as flat as possible so it won’t tear through the damp paper when printing.  I decided to take the grass, place it between two sheets of card, and run it through the press.  I got very nice indentations on both pieces of card, but the grass eventually fell apart.

On Winter Grass below, I gessoed one card and added sand medium to the plate after.  This was also printed on some new paper I recently purchased.  I used Bockingford Hot Press, 140lb high white paper.  I have loads of Bockingford cold press for painting watercolors as this has a nice texture and can take a fair amount of water, so I thought I would try out the Hot Press version which is nice and smooth for printing.  It worked a treat.  As this paper is meant for painting with watercolor, it soaks nicely and doesn’t cockle after printing.  I found a nice deal online for 100 sheets as printing paper can be very expensive.  Although this paper is called high white, it is more of an off white, creamy color and has yellow undertones when paired up with a bright white picture mount.

These are all printed with Prussian Blue, Caligo Safe Wash Etching Ink.  I purchased some etching ink, which is slightly different from relief ink, from the same place I purchased the paper.

You can purchase Winter Grass on Etsy here, or click on the link on the sidebar to enter my shop.

Winter Grass II is the mirror image of Winter Grass.

I made my first print on the Bockingford.  I was not quite thrilled with the result and decided that I would probably not make anymore prints from the plate.  Then I went and made a cup of tea.  Sometimes a cup of tea can give you a different perspective.   I decided to try printing with the plate again on white paper and to use some more ink, that way if I still wasn’t happy with the print, then I didn’t use up really good (more expensive) paper for nothing.  I was happier with the result.  The Prussian Blue is very striking on the white paper.  I then went on to pull two prints with Blue Black ink and a mix of Prussian Blue and Blue Black.

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Sweet Carrot IV on Etsy

This is the last of 4 Limited Variable Editions of my Wild Carrot series.

COL192-001COL193-002COL194-001COL195-001render85These images do not come framed or matted as I will leave that to the buyer how they want to do that as they can be framed square or in portrait format as they are printed on A4 size paper.

Here is how they could look like in a group with the others in the series.

Etsy Photos

They are all available to purchase in my Etsy Shop here.  Or you can click on the link on the sidebar.

Sweet Carrot Collagraph

In my last post I showed you the collagraph plates that I had been working on.  The process of making collagraphs is a time-consuming one, regardless of the size.  Once you are able to print, you need to ink up the plate, wipe off some of the ink, align the plate on the press, soak paper in water, blot the paper, put the paper on the plate, run through the press, and hang it up to dry.  Although there are many steps to pulling a print, the excitement comes from seeing the image as you pull the paper off of the plate as you never know how it will turn out.  Sometimes they turn out great, and sometimes meh.  I am quite pleased with how my wild carrot series turned out.  Here is the first of 4 small limited  variable editions, titled Sweet Carrot.  I named them that as the little white flowers look so sweet in the fields where I walk the dogs.  Although mainly white, some of the flowers can be pink.  They are also called Bird Nest and is part of the Cow Parsley family.

COL197-001COL198-001COL199-001These prints have a fair amount of detail and texture on them.  I have listed them in my Etsy Shop where you can purchase them here.

Thank you.