50% Off Everything Sale on Etsy

I am having a 50% off everything CLEARANCE sale in my Etsy shop from the 27th of April until the 27th of May 2019.  I am also keeping last year’s shipping fees even though the price of postage has gone up.  Why the sale?  I need to make room for new work.

So grab yourself a bargain people, cause when it is gone – it is gone!  Click on the link on the side bar to go straight to my shop.  Thanks for stopping by!


Can One Have Too Many Paintings?

I am a firm believer that one can NEVER have too many paintings, or books.  Unless they are ones you created yourself!  I also believe that paintings tend to look better framed, unless they are on deep gallery wrapped canvas.  Although my cradled wood panels have narrow profiles (1-2cm), they will look great on their own or in a frame.  It depends on the size and whether you hang them in a group of other paintings or on their own.  You can see how they look below.

I’ve had to re-jig my gallery wall in my dining room to accommodate the new paintings I created.  I found some plain black inexpensive picture frames that I could easily pop the 10×12 inch paintings on canvas board into.  The narrow black frame really makes the painting stand out and is great to hang on my wall for the time being, but I would recommend a more substantial frame.  I also found an 8×8 inch square frame for my mixed media painting on cradled wood panel.   Although it looked good unframed, I think it looks better now as it is a small piece.  The sides also have a narrow profile which makes it easy to put into a frame.  I did the same for my yellow teapot, which I love even more now that it is framed.  My husband re-used picture hooks, the kind you tap into the wall, to anchor the painting to the frame as the profile didn’t protrude enough to use standard z-clips.

I’ve had to move some of the paintings from my gallery wall into other rooms or onto different walls. You can see that I found a bit of space behind my dining room door for the teapot and key paintings!  I may soon run out of wall space altogether.  I have picture rails in the main rooms of my house and hang paintings from them as I am constantly making paintings and moving them about.  This way I don’t have to worry about holes in the walls.  I am saving up for a tracking system for the hallways so I can hang even more paintings.  I have a stash of rescued paintings in the loft that are begging to be hung.

I can safely say at this point that I do have too many paintings!  If you would like to help me out, I have a coupon code for free Domestic shipping in my Etsy shop.  The code is: FREE75 and is valid until the 31st of August for orders of £75 and over.  To get to my shop, please click on the link on the sidebar of my blog.

I am considering free shipping for international orders and am working out a minimum spend price to make it worthwhile.  All suggestions will be considered.

Thanks for stopping by!


Summer Special – Free Shipping on Etsy!

Hello everyone!  I have been busy finishing off some paintings and updating my Etsy Store.  It is almost as much work to upload items onto Etsy as it is to make the paintings, but without the fun factor.

Many items have not been relisted and some have now been deleted permanently.  I also have a new section called NEW WORK.  🙂  I have been trying to keep track of what I make by putting it on a spreadsheet.  Nothing like making more work for myself, but it might be useful for my family one day.  If there is anything on this blog that you are interested in purchasing, but it is no longer in my shop, please let me know and we may be able to work something out.

Starting today, the 2nd of July, until the 31st of August – I am offering a summer special of FREE SHIPPING on Domestic orders of £75 or more.  What you save on shipping means that you can spend your savings on another painting!  All items are sent via First Class, Insured and Tracked post.  This means that I need to charge a little bit more for shipping.  Unfortunately, the shipping price doubles for items valued at £50 or more as the Post Office charges more for items at that value.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer free shipping at this time elsewhere.

The code to add at checkout is: FREE75

There is also a link here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArleneTothUKArtist?coupon=FREE75

Happy Shopping and thanks for stopping by!