Another Wet Felted Poppy

IMG_5224Poppy – Wet Felted Painting – 6.5 x 6 inches

An improvement from my first Poppy Painting.  I am learning so much by playing with wool.

Wet Felting a Poppy Painting


Poppy – Wet Felted Painting – Approximately 7.5 inches square

This is another experimental piece.  I have been reading Moy Mackay’s books and having been inspired by the poppies in France I decided to have a go at the way she makes them.  There is a tutorial in her book, Flowers in Felt and Stitch.  I decided to make one big poppy.  Instead of Merino wool, I made this with Corriedale.  I started with a white batt and added the two layers of blue and then the poppy colors.  Now, if you don’t know, Corriedale is pretty fluffy, so I had a pretty tall pile of wool to wet felt.

The white wool feted quite small while the blue wool migrated outwards and past the white.  I had to fold over the blue in some places.  The picture on the left shows how it was directly after wet felting and dried.  The white migrated up through the blue.  I had to add a lot of color to get rid of some of the white to make the flower stand out and add more color.  I added the stem afterwards as I was initially of two minds about having a stem, but the green makes it pop.  I also added some French Knots.  My stitching is slowly improving.  This was quite a thick piece to sew on.  I will be trying something a bit different for the next one.

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