Painting Furniture

We moved some furniture around in my living room not long ago. I do things like that sometimes. My husband had a very large TV that my daughter was happy to hang onto for a few years, but then she gave it back to us.   It meant that I had to move furniture around, get rid of some and purchase replacements.  All because of a big TV (granted I can read subtitles better)!

Plain but sturdy and nothing that a bit of chalk paint can’t handle. It was cheap too from the charity shop!

Viola!  A pretty nest of tables with some stenciling too!  Will tackle the TV stand when the weather is better to paint outside.

Quick Chair Fix

The chair on the left has been in my bedroom for years.  I found the chair on the street.  I really liked the legs, it was sturdy, and I needed a chair in my bedroom to throw my clothes on or the bed cushions.  My bedroom was quite beige neutral with wooden furniture.  I painted the chair in leftover Barley White by Dulux (leftover from the walls) with gold and gave it a distressed look.  I painted an unfinished pine chest the same way.

Now that I have painted the walls a lovely grey with lilac undertones, this beige chair really doesn’t go with the rest of the room with its shots of pink. (it does go with the yucky beige carpet made more yucky looking next to the lovely grey walls)  Anyway, I went to the fabric store to see the remnants and I found some lovely pink silk for £8.  I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but when I got home I thought it might make a lovely cover for the chair.  What a difference a bit of pink makes!  (Unfortunately, my camera didn’t want to show it as pink, so I added a blurry photo of what the fabric really looks like.)  It is pink, not red.  Now I will have to paint the chair again.  And the chest.  I am going for white.  Will post an update on the bedroom furniture as and when.  I might even have enough fabric left over to recover a couple of dining room chairs! 🙂

Right now I am painting my old dining room table which will be going outside.  Photos soon.  At least I am keeping busy. 🙂

A Moment in Time/Day 26: New Table and Chairs


New Table and Chairs

This is not a great photo of the day, but it is a photo.  I have evolved my project.  I will take a photo every day and write about the picture.  It might be a great picture, or it may be blah.  Either way, it will be the topic of conversation and may relate to something I am currently working on or just because I found something interesting or lovely to photograph.  Today’s photo is merely a record (not a great one, sorry).  I still haven’t put away the Christmas decorations!  The only great thing about this picture is that my carpet looks really good, oh, and there is a cat in it!

This is the new table and chairs that I bought today.  OK, they are not new, but they are new to me.  I like to buy second-hand furniture if possible.  It is another way of recycling.  I love the shape of the table.  It is very plain and fits into the room perfectly.  It will be easy to sand down for repainting.  The top lifts off and leaves extend from either end.  The design is quite clever.  I don’t know when this table was made or what type of wood it is.  It could be from the 60’s or even later.


The chairs didn’t come with the table.   I found them in a different part of the store, but the shape of the chairs complement the table nicely and are comfortable to sit on.  (Tiger likes sitting under the chairs.) They have a curved spindle back.  These will be easy to sand down and paint also.  I will be looking for some fabric to cover the chairs and wouldn’t mind a second opinion on what colour to cover them in.  My gut feeling is to go with a green from the curtains.

These are the curtains I had made for the dining room.  It reminds me of deck chairs!  I do live by the seaside, remember!

They are pink, off-white, green (2 shades), and grey.  Do they look familiar?


Image Source - Traditional Home

I had the curtains made up before I saw this image.  My curtain fabric is similar, just a bit subdued in comparison.  The plan for the downstairs is to get rid of the carpet and paint all the floorboards white.  I ordered this carpet from Laura Ashley to put under the dining room table.  The pink and grey in the rug complement the curtains.  I also have a grey, silvered ceiling lamp.  The table and chairs will be painted white.   I am still working on the paint colours for the walls.  Decisions, decisions!