A Walk around Warwick

Last weekend I was up in the Midlands and ended up in Warwick.  We (me and my sweetie) were going to go and visit the locks on the canal, but we never got there as Warwick is so pretty and we didn’t have time!  Something to look forward to! What does Warwick have going for […]

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It is turning into a very wet Spring, but the flowers are blooming, so who cares!  My neighbour’s Clematis has gone rampant and is looking lovely.  One of my Rosemary plants has bloomed.  The bees love it.  I bought a new Jasmine plant which will hopefully cover the trellis on the back wall, and my […]

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Waiting for the birds!

I have had a guilt trip about the birds in the neighbourhood ever since I moved into my house two years ago.  Why?  Because I took out a couple of trees from the garden.  My garden was very dark and with spikey trees.  There was a huge Holly tree and a Pyracantha.  Although evergreen, the […]

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