White Cliffs

I am now calling this finished.

IMG_4233White Cliffs – Acrylic on Canvas Board – 10×12 inches


Playing With the Cruciform Shape

I haven’t posted for awhile as I have been very busy at work and home.  My contract has now ended and I have been enjoying a week off of work.  I had been looking at different design compositions lately and one I have been drawn to is the cruciform.  I have to say that I like straight lines and intersections.  I am sure there is some hidden meaning there but…

I recently purchased three videos from the Artist’s Network when they were having a sale.  I am drawn to the work of Annie O’Brien Gonzalez and couldn’t believe my luck when I was able to purchase three videos for $30, which is less in pounds!  In her video on painting abstracts she uses the cruciform shape.  I watched the video a couple of times and then had a go myself.  This is what I turned out.

IMG_4135-001Crossroads – Collage and Mixed Media on Canvas – 20x25cm

Sorry about the quality of the I-photo.  I had a few small 20x25cm canvases floating around and decided to work on these.  Most of the collage is covered up with paint.  I tried to be loose and make marks and stick to a neutral pallet.  I live near the countryside and this reminds me of fields, if not an aerial view of a landscape.  Looking at Google maps for over a year when I worked for the council has stuck in my brain!

This next one is completely different.


Dark Angel – Collage, Mixed Media on Canvas – 20x25cm

Still keeping with a neutral pallet and cruciform shape, I made this dark angel.  I used Micaceous Iron Oxide on top of the black which gives the angel a nice sheen.  It isn’t so easy to see in this picture, sorry.  My husband thinks it is a little bit scary, but I think she can’t be too scary as she has a halo, right?  BTW, this is my first figurative piece!  I might make some more.

I am still working on two more cruciforms in a neutral pallet before I move on to making some more in full color. I will post them when they are finished. Until then, happy painting!

Online Art Class – The Finale

FullSizeRenderStill Life – Mixed Media on Paper – 12 x 12 inches

I managed to finish my online art course on Easter Sunday.  The plan was to upgrade to a 16×16 inch cradle board, but I have plans for those boards.  This final painting is the product of a combination of techniques we have been working with over the last few weeks.  I am not used to working with watersoluble media and acrylic paint together, but it did lend to some interesting effects.  My favorite part was drawing very loosely.  As I am not trying to make an exact copy, I felt more free to let the line go where it wanted to.  You can still tell what my things are.  All in all, I quite enjoyed this online class. 🙂

While working on my lessons, I was inspired to look at other artist’s works and to learn more about them.  This brought me to the world of Cubism and Picasso (a genius) and Georges Braque, Paul Klee and other post impressionist artists.  It isn’t as if I hadn’t heard of these artists before, but I was inspired to delve deeper and learn about their lives and what motivated them to paint the way they did.  I have added a few more books to my collection for inspiration.

On another note, many of my paintings in my Etsy shop have now expired and will not be relisted.  There are still a few more days to grab a bargain as there is a 40% discount with a minimum spend of £50.

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