Mixed Media Express 2

IMG_4414-001Outer Limits – Mixed Media on canvas board – 10×12 inches

This is the last painting from the Mixed Media Express online art class I have completed with Julie Prichard.  Again, I used colors I wouldn’t normally use.  I wouldn’t use this much red.  I really like it though as the red is mixed with a brown which tones it down a bit.  I also wouldn’t think to use violet with red either, but it seems to work here.

Adding the marks at the end is always a challenge but it just came to me after staring at it for awhile!  There were some happy accidents when painting the swirls.  I used charcoal pencil and oil pastels which have been sealed with UV spray varnish.  All I have to do is paint on a final coat of acrylic varnish and then it is complete.  I shall do a batch in one go.

I enjoyed the course and am looking forward to the next one! But what I wonder? 🙂

Mixed Media Express 4

I mentioned previously that I have been doing an online course with Julie Pritchard.  I started Mixed Media Express 4 before I went on holiday.  I have only just completed it after working on it for about another week or so.  I have started a new contract, so I have been a bit limited with my painting time.  Here is my completed painting.

IMG_4405-002Mixed Media on Canvas Board – 10×12 inches

This painting has very little resemblance to the painting in the demonstration.  I did use the same colors though.  I think that is where the similarities end.  I used colors I probably wouldn’t normally use, unless I was painting a traditional landscape.  The yellows are on the earthy side and tend to have more orange tones to them rather than yellow.  I used a combination of Golden and AV/Vallejo paints, collage, and oil pastel.

I wanted to give up on this painting many times, but I persevered and now I think I have something reasonably interesting to look at.  I am tempted to call it Success At Last.  What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!


Hello!  We’ve just come back from our annual camping holiday to France and while waiting for work to roll in (and after doing shed loads of laundry!), I have made a painting to commemorate our lovely vacation.

You may remember this:

IMG_4099 (Edited)

This is the painting of my favorite teapot from the Lynn Whipple course I did in March.  I loved the background, but not the rest.  I have had it sitting around these last few months waiting for my hubs to move a painting in the kitchen to hang it up.  I am so glad he hadn’t done that!  There are many layers on this cradled wood panel.  Here is what it looks like now.

IMG_4370Regatta – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 21×29.5cm

I used some of the techniques I learned in the Mixed Media Express 3 online course with Julie Prichard.  I managed to save some parts I really like and you can also see some of the other marks underneath if you look closely.  It wasn’t my intention to paint a Regatta, but that is how it turned out!  Maybe my sub-conscious won out as I did have a plan to make a Regatta painting based on the boats we saw on Lac Annecy in France.  I may even make some more as I enjoyed painting this so much.

Here are a couple of close ups:

If you want to see some photos of where we stayed this year, I put up some posts on my other blog, Dream Big – Pack Lite.  I needed something to do as I didn’t have any paint with me! 🙂

Happy Painting People!