Making Pink, and Purple

I am still working on my Pink WIP.  It is slow going and looks nothing like how I started it.   I am now finished with work and so I do have some time to work on it a little each day.  The open paint medium added to the paint makes it take a long time to dry in this colder weather though.  I may need to start on something else while the paint dries!

I wasn’t happy with the transparency of the paints and decided to make them more opaque.  So I made some paint samples and made a chart.

FullSizeRender (5)

This is my starting point.  The open medium made the paint quite glossy.  The photo looks better than in real life.  I love the colors, but not the way they are.  The painting looks nothing like this at the moment and I am hesitant to share it right now.

IMG_4529 (1)

Here is my paint chart.  I didn’t use all of my reds, only the ones that I knew would make a pink, rather than a salmon color, so no cadmium or pyrole red.  As you can see, some reds go more pinky and brighter than others and that is because of the blue hue in them.  In my top photo, I used the paint straight out of the tube or bottle.  Pretty much a no-no, but I like the vibrant colors.  When white is added, you get a more opaque and lighter color.  I also had some ready made purples that I added white to also.  The ultramarine violet goes quite grey and pale and some of the others are on the pink side.  I think the best purples are made when mixing the reds with ultramarine blue.

IMG_4537 (1)My palette.  Almost a work of art in itself.


WIP – Pink

I have had some time over the weekend to actually do some painting!  Yay!!!  I have had ideas buzzing around in my head for weeks!

FullSizeRender (5)Work in Progress – 10×12 inches

Wow! Bright huh?!!  Glare too!  I have been using fluid paint with open medium and boy does that make the painting shiny!  I still have a way to go with this and to add some collage and more marks.  I am working on canvas board 10×12 inches.  I am also working on a smaller canvas board 5×7 inches but the open paint stays wet for a long time so I only have one coat of paint on that at the moment.  The cooler weather makes it take longer to dry.  Here is the inspiration:

IMG_0080Duvet cover designed by Clarissa Hulse

I love this duvet cover set.  My bedroom has the purples, and paintings on the walls pick up some of the other colors too.  The flowers on the duvet are gold.

My plan is to make two large panels (50x50cm) to put over the bed.  I thought it would be a good idea to test my idea out on a smaller panel first.  Watch this space.