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Something with Poppies


img_3391Something with Poppies – Mixed Media on Paper – A3

My most recent mixed media piece, now off with the picture framer for mounting.  I sent her off with quite a few of the pieces I made since the Xmas holidays.  This one started like the other mixed media pieces – totally random.  The poppies were going to be something else, but ended up as poppies.  I really like poppies, so you may see more of these.

I also have a tip for you.  I went to the paint store over the weekend and came back with a pile of wallpaper samples for my collages.  The paint store is a great cheap (free!) resource for color pallets, and there is some great paper out there.  So go to your paint store!

Winter Poppies


img_3350Winter Poppies – Mixed Media on Paper – 8×8 inches.

Here is something I knocked up earlier today.  I tried out some new tools.  I bought a few cake icing embossers and used them to make a pattern in the gesso.  I think they might be great for painting patterns too.  There is a lot of texture and pattern going on here which was the intention.

Here is a close up:


It isn’t very wintery where I live, so I thought I would create something from my head.