Needle Felting a 2D Seascape


IMG_4799Land, Sea and Sky – Needle Felt – 5.5 x 8.5 inches

I am taking a very short break from needle felting critters as I wanted to try needle felting a painting.  In this instance, I used one of my own paintings as a reference.  On one hand, it can be quite easy.  You just use wool instead of paint.  On the other hand, it can take a while as there is a lot of stabbing involved.  To make things easier, I used a punch tool that has 5 needles in it.  Then I reworked areas with one or two needles.  Apparently there is no 100% right way of doing it.  Some people add more 3D elements to their paintings.  I used half a sheet of A4 pre felt as my base.  Although this piece is quite small, it still took me a couple of hours to make as I hadn’t made one before and I was learning as I was stabbing.  I still need to tidy up the sides and then it will be ready for framing behind glass.

Here is the original painting next to it which is A3 size.

I think it was easier to make the painting than to felt it.  Splatters were a bit challenging to make  as the nepps are already pre felted.  So I had to use a very thin piece of wool to anchor it onto the sea.  The curls/locks make great waves.  I have the other half of felt left over, so I have another idea for a felted seascape, but this time without a reference and I think I will go bolder with my color choices.  I am also going to experiment with some sparkle.  I can’t wait!


Are We Done Yet?

I have been working a lot since I have been back from my holiday at the end of June.  I am what is known as a working Artist.  I need to work to support my art.

I have had a couple of pieces on the go and I didn’t really want to post anything until they were complete.  It has been tough going as I have been working on a piece that is my biggest yet at 60×40 cm.  This is how it started;

IMG_4427 (Edited)

Here is the finished piece:


Into the Deep – Acrylic on Canvas – 60×40 cm

It is actually quite a dark piece and I have been having trouble photographing it as the features in the I-phone want to make it lighter.  There is a lot of depth and layers to this piece.  I used different blues, with green and black.  I am not sure I will ever get a photo that can justify how intricate the layers are as I added glazing fluid to make the paint very transparent.  This painting sat on the mantle for weeks while I worked out what I was going to do next.  When I thought I was finished, I added another layer!   I think we are done now!  I just need to work out how to frame it.  The painting has a very thin profile and it would benefit from being in a frame.  I think a trip to the timber merchants is in order.

Regatta II – A Bit Bigger


IMG_4080 (Edited)-001

is now this!


Regatta II – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 12×12 inches

I liked Regatta so much that I decided to make another, but larger one.  However, trying to replicate a painting is a bit of a challenge and pretty much impossible.  I used some techniques I recently learned and am having a lot of fun with.

This painting took me longer than I thought it would.  I had to use two coats of gesso on top of the old painting to get rid of the marks so I could start over.  Thankfully the weather has been nice and I was able to have the layers dry in the sun.  Although a bit different, the color scheme is the same as the other painting.  I am really liking painting with greens and blues so much.  Just like being at the seaside!

I also added thicker paint to the sails.  This made such a difference that I did the same to Regatta as below.


Regatta – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 9×12 inches

As you can see, I didn’t add thick paint to all of the sails here as I wanted the small ones to fade in the distance.

Both these paintings are now available in my Etsy shop here.  Or you can click on the sidebar.  There is Free Shipping on orders of £75 or more.  Coupon FREE75.

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