Wet Felting a Seascape


Sea, Sky and Land – Wet Felted Painting – 5.5 x 8 inches

The seascape on the left was dry felted onto a felt base.  The seascape on the right is the same piece after wet felting and adding more wool and stitching.   This was just a sample piece, but I really like it.  Free stitching on my old Sears Kenmore sewing machine (over 30 years old and still kicking!) is a knack and one that requires a lot of practice.  I have to say that I didn’t really get to grips with it until I started on the stones.  We have pebble beaches where I live to stop erosion.

After wet felting the piece I added a brighter blue to the sea and sky, once dry of course.  Then I started in with the free stitching and finished with some French Knots.  It looks so much better now.  I just need to find an A4 box frame for this and then I can hang it up!

Needle Felting a 2D Seascape


IMG_4799Land, Sea and Sky – Needle Felt – 5.5 x 8.5 inches

I am taking a very short break from needle felting critters as I wanted to try needle felting a painting.  In this instance, I used one of my own paintings as a reference.  On one hand, it can be quite easy.  You just use wool instead of paint.  On the other hand, it can take a while as there is a lot of stabbing involved.  To make things easier, I used a punch tool that has 5 needles in it.  Then I reworked areas with one or two needles.  Apparently there is no 100% right way of doing it.  Some people add more 3D elements to their paintings.  I used half a sheet of A4 pre felt as my base.  Although this piece is quite small, it still took me a couple of hours to make as I hadn’t made one before and I was learning as I was stabbing.  I still need to tidy up the sides and then it will be ready for framing behind glass.

Here is the original painting next to it which is A3 size.

I think it was easier to make the painting than to felt it.  Splatters were a bit challenging to make  as the nepps are already pre felted.  So I had to use a very thin piece of wool to anchor it onto the sea.  The curls/locks make great waves.  I have the other half of felt left over, so I have another idea for a felted seascape, but this time without a reference and I think I will go bolder with my color choices.  I am also going to experiment with some sparkle.  I can’t wait!

Are We Done Yet?

I have been working a lot since I have been back from my holiday at the end of June.  I am what is known as a working Artist.  I need to work to support my art.

I have had a couple of pieces on the go and I didn’t really want to post anything until they were complete.  It has been tough going as I have been working on a piece that is my biggest yet at 60×40 cm.  This is how it started;

IMG_4427 (Edited)

Here is the finished piece:


Into the Deep – Acrylic on Canvas – 60×40 cm

It is actually quite a dark piece and I have been having trouble photographing it as the features in the I-phone want to make it lighter.  There is a lot of depth and layers to this piece.  I used different blues, with green and black.  I am not sure I will ever get a photo that can justify how intricate the layers are as I added glazing fluid to make the paint very transparent.  This painting sat on the mantle for weeks while I worked out what I was going to do next.  When I thought I was finished, I added another layer!   I think we are done now!  I just need to work out how to frame it.  The painting has a very thin profile and it would benefit from being in a frame.  I think a trip to the timber merchants is in order.