Snow in Eastbourne!

I have upgraded my little Fuji Finepix 5 mega pixl camera for a Canon 450D EOS.  I have always wanted a camera like this as I have a 35mm Canon EOS and I can use the two lenses from that on the new camera.  It is one of my Christmas presents to myself. 🙂  The […]

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Snow today, gone tomorrow.

It is Thursday and I have been watching the rain wash away all of the snow we were blessed with on Monday.  I say blessed because the snow usually doesn’t last for more than a few hours in London, which is usually a good thing because the UK doesn’t really know how to cope with […]

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Snow in Richmond Park

It stopped snowing about 9:30am so I went up to Richmond Park to take some photos.  It turns out that all of East Sheen was there as well!  There were parents with their children, older school kids, and people with their dogs.  Anyone and everyone seemed to be in the park.  There were people building […]

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