Random Photos of My World

The Moon over The Towner

The Union Jack

Top of The Bandstand
Interesting Architectural Details
Man and Beast, with Bike

Can you guess where I started my walk and ended up? 🙂


Random Photos of My World

It was a glorious Spring day on Sunday!  So, I went for a walk with my ‘big’ camera for a change and this is what I saw…

Hearts and Rainbows!

Before I actually went out, this is what I saw.  I see the hearts every morning as they live over my bed, but the rainbows I only see when the sun is shining.

More Rainbows

As well as being one of my favourite colours, Lilacs are one of my favourite flowers.  I just wish that they would last longer than they do.  I just love the smell of them and they remind me of my childhood.

More Anemones

I just love the colours!

Towards Beachy Head
Making Friends

These two pups were having a great time together.  It was a joy watching them and it made everyone smile that walked past.

Three Boats
The Eastbourne Pier
Bandstand Renovations

The upside to the renovations taking place is that all the concerts will be free on the beach! 🙂


I don’t know what these shrubs are, but one can see them everywhere.  I love how the top part of the shrubs are red with the new growth and the rest of it is green.

So, what did you see on Sunday?

Eastbourne Titanic Memorial Concert

John Wesley Woodward was a musician who played at Eastbourne’s Winter Garden and Grand Hotel with the Duke of Devonshire Band, a Municipal orchestra, before joining the White Star Line in 1909 and embarking on the Titanic’s maiden voyage to New York.  Mr. Woodward was one of the many victims that did not survive that journey.

There is a plaque at The Bandstand commemorating Mr. Woodward and there was to be a free Commemorative Concert and an unveiling of the refurbished memorial plaque in his honour and for those who were lost in that tragedy.  As The Bandstand is now having some structural work done on it, the concert was moved to The Congress Theatre.

I ordered my tickets online.  This is what they looked like…

As you can see, the tickets list the name of a passenger that was on The Titanic.  We looked on the list in the foyer.

Mrs. Mary Mack did not survive.  She was a 57 year old widow with a daughter living in New York.

Mrs. Albert (Antoinette) Mallet survived, with her little boy.  She was 24 years old.  Her husband did not survive.

Until I started writing this post, those two names never meant a thing to me.  Reading about them, regardless of how little information there was, makes them more real.   However, the more I have learned about this terrible tragedy (there have been programmes galore running up to the anniversary), the sadder I feel – and angry.  Such a waste of human life that could have been avoided.

Saying all of that, the concert, performed by The Champagne Quartet, was enjoyable although emotional.   It was a lovely tribute.