Just the Moon, Again!

While taking a break from painting furniture, I saw the moon outside my study window – at 2pm!  So I thought I would take a few photos as the light changed and moved out of view.  Enjoy! 🙂


God is Talking!

I was raised in a religious manner.  I know, most people wouldn’t have ever guessed, but it is true.  It was a very strict religion – not great if you hate being told what to do.  I have an opinion about religion which I won’t go into here.  Well, I am a bit anti-religion, but I do have a spiritual belief.  I believe in Nature, a Universal Life Force, that there must be something out there bigger than us and that everything is inter-connected.  I think I might have made a very good Pagan.

One of the things I loved to do as a child (and still love to do) was to lie down on the ground and look at the clouds.  I love watching the clouds move in the sky and changing shapes.  It is as relaxing a thing to do as watching a fire, preferably in a fireplace.  Sometimes I can even watch the clouds from my bed with the curtains open!   Whenever I would see those big fluffy clouds with the sunbeams shining through, I would say that was God talking.  I have no idea where I got that from but other people seem to have the same idea.   I just Googled ‘God Talking’ and clicked on images and got stuff like this…

I took this while walking up towards Beachy Head.  (The Beachy Head Pub as a matter of fact – they do a great Sunday roast lunch!)  Sorry, I digress.  Isn’t this beautiful?  When you see the sky like this it can make one seem insignificant and make you believe that there is something much bigger out there.  I know it is just a bunch of clouds with the sun peeking through and I am sure there is some scientific name for this sort of thing, but I don’t care.  I just love when this happens.

If there is a God, this is what I think of when I see clouds like this.  I think God is talking.  It is time to pause and wonder and try and work out what it is he is trying to say.  Maybe he is just letting us know that he is there, even on a cloudy day!

Sometimes I also think that maybe aliens are coming, like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or that it could be some sort of portal to another world. Beam me up Scotty!   No, I really don’t believe that, but it would be a lot more interesting!

Random photos of my World

January has been practically tropical down here on the coast!  Although the temperature has recently been dropping, we have had a fairly balmy winter.  They don’t call this part of England the sunshine coast for nothing! 🙂 Eastbourne got the most sunshine in all of England in 2011.  It says so here, so it must be true!

However, it is still winter and although it can start out gloriously sunny, it can also end up being cloudy and grey, or vice-versa.  I still carry an umbrella around with me this time of year, as you never know…  Though it will be completely useless in the wind.  It does get windy here too!  In any event, we get some amazing light and skies.

The next two photos were taken within minutes of each other.  The sun was behind the cloud, ready to break out.

Yes, we still have flowers on the seafront!

The sun was really doing his best to shine through the clouds this day!

My random posts would not be complete without a photo of The Eastbourne Pier!