A Walk around Warwick

Last weekend I was up in the Midlands and ended up in Warwick.  We (me and my sweetie) were going to go and visit the locks on the canal, but we never got there as Warwick is so pretty and we didn’t have time!  Something to look forward to!

What does Warwick have going for it?  Well it is one of the oldest towns in England and it is really beautiful.  (Please click on my links to learn more about this place as I am not a Historian)  It has some lovely architecture…

Here are a few examples of the Medieval architecture that has survived a major fire in 1694.  The buildings are pretty wonky and absolutely stunning in design.

We came across an amazing garden when we arrived.  It just goes to show you that it is worth going down the road less trodden to find The Mill Garden.

It was amazing value at £1.50!  The weather was overcast and the ground was very wet as we had just had some rain, but the views and garden were stunning.  The people who own it were lovely and really like sharing what they have helped to create and maintain over a few generations.

There is a wide variety of flowers and trees and many places to sit and enjoy the views.  There are so many plants.

To top it all off, one is overlooked by the Castle.

How amazing it is to have a garden overlooked by the Castle!  We didn’t go into the castle.  It was rather steep at over £21 per person.  However there are deals if you book in advance online.

Fortunately, although the day was grey, it stayed dry, so we were able to wander around the town and do a bit of window shopping.  This is one town that I will definitely be visiting again.  Maybe I will even make it to the canal!

A Walk Along the Oxford Canal – Off the Beaten Path

What started off as a grim, cold and snowy morning turned into a glorious afternoon.  I was prepared to walk in all weather.  I donned my waterproofs, hat, scarf and gloves, and off we went in search of something different.

I have done several walks along the Oxford/Grand Union Canal and no two walks have been alike.  This time we picked up the towpath from Rugby.

You can tell from the ice on the canal how cold it was!  There was an interesting mural under the canal bridge – children playing…Rugby!

The path was a bit wet and muddy, nothing unusual for this time of year.  The air was crisp and the sky was clearing up.  We eventually came to a sign telling us about The Newbold Quarry Park.  From where we were standing, it was difficult to imagine any kind of nature park in the middle of a housing area.  However, this is what we saw…

There is a huge quarry lake that you can fish in (you have to throw them back though).  The swans were lovely and just seemed to love posing for the camera.  It was a lovely little walk around a lake that you would never know was there if you didn’t take that first step off the beaten track.

On the way back we came across this…Green Man!

We came across him sideways, where he looks like a soldier, but coming round full frontal we saw this amazing carving.

He is advertising the Swift Valley Country Park.  Another walk for another day and something we didn’t know about before! 🙂

A Walk Around Coventry Cathedral

Coventry isn’t a city you hear much about or would really give a second thought to.  However, there is more to Coventry if you bother to take a look.  Coventry has an old and rich history.  It was heavily bombed during the WWII.  This means that there is a substantial variety of new architecture mixed in with very old properties.  Coventry is also a University City.  This means that there is a rich mix of young people living in the area.  Therefore, the area can be quite lively.  There is quite a substantial shopping centre with lots of restaurants and entertainment.

Coventry has had three Cathedrals.  The one I walked around was the second one, St. Michael’s, which is a ruin.

There are some lovely old buildings around the Cathedral.

It was a bit nippy outside and getting dark when we went to have a look at  The Cathedral.  There is a lot more to see and do if one has the time.  Will definitely come back during daylight hours.

I’m a sucker for pretty Christmas lights.  🙂