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My Anti-Artist’s Statement


So here is my anti-Artist’s Statement:

I am a Gemini (I could really stop here as I think it explains everything).  I am self-taught and inspired by others.  I am still figuring out my style as I love trying new things (I am a Gemini).  I love to paint flowers and nature, but am not adverse to painting a teapot, piece of fruit, or going completely crazy and knocking out some abstract, whimsical, or intuitive piece that has no particular meaning except that I might like the color combo or texture.  So, in the meantime, here is the work that I am doing while I figure out my style.  I may never have a particular style, but that is ok as I am a Gemini!

Bits and Bobs


I am not a doodler.  I don’t have a sketchbook. No, I lie.  I have a few, but I don’t really use them.  I have tried, but I am not naturally inspired to draw or paint anything.  I never did it when I was a child either.   I know there are lots of artists who draw things out first, but I am not really one of those.  I also don’t plan.  I work off of ideas or something that inspires me.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes not.  Here are a few small pieces that I did recently.

img_3221Lavender Fields – Watercolor on Bockingford – Half A4 size

This is a practice piece, but I like it.  This is only one wash and took a few minutes, wet on dry.

img_3222Squash – Oil pastel on Paper – half A4

I bought some little squashes to paint, but I kept putting it off until now.  I wasn’t confident painting them in watercolor, so I got out my oil pastels.  For me, this is a doodle.  I can use this as a reference for something else if I want to.  I am not confident with oil pastels.  I think that you have to be really good with drawing and mark making.  To be frank, I really don’t know what to do with them and the books I have are a bit traditional.  I had loads of cheap pastels, but I sifted through them and gave some to one of my neighbour’s children and the rest to the charity shop.  I only have good ones now.

img_3223-editedWinter landscape  – Watercolor on Bockingford – Half A4 Cropped

I painted this last week, but wasn’t happy with the bottom under the trees, now in the foreground and decided to add trees to the horizon of the sky and make a lake.  It looks better, but I will probably try this again on a fresh piece of paper.  Sorry about the quality, but my phone doesn’t like the purple and wants to make it blue.

That’s it for now. Happy painting!

Painting Myself Purple


This weekend I worked with the color Purple.  Purple is such a fickle color and finding the right one can be tricky.  I have some ready mixed ones that range from red tones to blue.  I think I might need to work on mixing them.  I hear French Ultramarine Blue is very good mixed with Alizarin Crimson.

img_3203Winter Landscape – Half A4 Bockingford – Winsor Violet and French Ultramarine Blue (W&N)

Working from a suggestion in the book, I painted the above landscape.  There is supposed to be a path at the bottom of the page, but it was too dark and didn’t work out, so I am thinkin of cropping it as above.  I might even add another line of trees under the sky to make a frozen lake in the middle.  The painting should have been more like the one below:

img_3199You should just about make out the shadows on the snow.  I will probably try this a few more times as I am still not sure about the bottom half of the painting.  I do like how the trees and sky turned out though.

img_3202Lavender – Half A4 Bockingford

I’m still getting to grips with working with wet on dry and then adding water.  These small sketches will make nice cards.

I know the painting below isn’t purple, but I worked with green a couple of weeks ago and made some backgrounds I really liked.  This one below was used to paint some rosemary.

img_3200Rosemary – Half A4 Bockingford

I’m not sure about this.  I really love the background, but not my rosemary. Practice, Practice, Practice. 🙂