Knowing when to quit

Quitting can often have negative connotations.  Calling someone a quitter is usually intended as an insult.  I don’t see it that way.  Sometimes leaving or quitting something that is no longer serving your purpose can be a life-saver. As a child, I was taught to persevere and never quit, at anything.  Even if the thing […]

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On Being Grateful for my Life!

I have been working pretty much non-stop since mid-March, sort of.  OK, I have had two weeks off in total since then.  I had a week off in-between jobs and recently had a week off for my Birthday. I am working in areas I have never worked before.  I have done some work for social services, […]

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Working for Money

I don’t mind working, I have plenty to do.  Unfortunately, the work I need to do doesn’t pay the bills and I am required to actually go out of the house to work for money. I decided to temp until I found something I really want to do.  Last September, I took on a temp […]

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