A Walk around Warwick

Last weekend I was up in the Midlands and ended up in Warwick.  We (me and my sweetie) were going to go and visit the locks on the canal, but we never got there as Warwick is so pretty and we didn’t have time!  Something to look forward to! What does Warwick have going for […]

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A Bargello Bargain

Today Dear Readers, we are going to talk a bit about embroidery and needlework.  You are probably wondering what the heck do I know about embroidery, and the answer would be more than you would think!  I know, how do I manage to fit it all in?!! If you are a regular reader of my […]

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I Don’t do Vignettes!

First of all, I am not a decorator or designer.  Although I did have a design and construction business with a partner many years ago, right now I am  just a lady who has downsized to a two-bedroom Victorian house in need of updating.  I am finally having the house that I always wanted.  Something […]

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