Christmas in July!

IMG_5297The above title really goes against the grain for me, but if you are a crafter, and it seems that I am one now, you need to think ahead seasonally.  So, everyone is busy making items to sell on their Etsy shops or the craft fairs that they will be attending.  I am not selling at any craft fairs, but I will be visiting one in November to see if it might be an option.

I have just uploaded a few items on Etsy including the cute Baby Harp Seal above.  You can click on the link on the sidebar to get there.  I just made the hat today as I think anything looks great in a Christmas hat!  Merry Christmas!


Needle Felting a Terrarium

Whenever I felt something new, I always Google or YouTube it first.  Sometimes other people have different ideas to make something that might save a little bit of time.  Sometimes there isn’t anything and you just have to make it up.

After wet felting for a few days, I wanted to do something different.  So, I needle felted a terrarium, as one does!

Downloads2I did find a video on how to make succulents and I found some images on Google.  The Google images inspired me to make the above.  I managed to make it in two afternoons.  In the end, I had to wing it as there are no jade plant tutorials.  I already had a container I found at a charity shop.  It had a hideous display of dried grasses with a paper butterfly.  I ripped that out and painted the base with chalk paint.

Downloads2-001Here is the finished product.  I felted the earth and attached the succulents to that.  Then I glued the whole thing to the base and glued on some sea pebbles from my garden.  It now sits on my mantle piece.  I love it so much that I almost want to keep it, but it is a present, so I will have to find another glass vessel and make one for myself! 🙂