My Desktop has a New Beginning!

I finally opened the box with my desktop.  I connected it and it was fine.  Then I tried to add the internet.  Not so fine.  I had computer errors coming from every direction and the only way to sort it out was to re-install the Windows software.  I lost everything that was on my computer. […]

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Stayin Alive in Eastbourne

The tribute bands are performing weekly at The Bandstand in Eastbourne.  Tonight they had Stayin Alive, a Bee Gees tribute band.  I saw them practicing when I went for a walk this afternoon.  They weren’t bad and I thought if I had some time, I would go and see them this evening, which I did. […]

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Belly Dancing in Eastbourne

I have wanted to learn how to Belly Dance since I was 9.  A Lebanese family lived across the street from us.  From them I learned a few Arabic swear words, learned how to play backgammon, had Lebanese food, and listened to Arabic music.  The ladies in the family would occasionally sing and dance.  I […]

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