Hello everyone.  It has been non-stop here the last few weeks with family things, work and dog stuff.  I have a few paintings on the burner, but I actually managed to complete two recently.

IMG_4458Acrylic on Canvas Board – 10 x 12 inches

I used my regular artists acrylic paint, with some fluid and open paint.  On the one below, I added a texture paste to the canvas prior to painting.


Acrylic on Canvas – 60x40cm

I started both at the same time as I had the colors I needed already out.  Working on two different surfaces is interesting as the paint goes on in different ways.  The canvas board is obviously a more rigid surface which makes the paint flow more smoothly.  The painting above has a thin profile and the sides are painted black.  I have been trying to work out how to frame it, but in the meantime it shall just hang as is.  The smaller painting will just fit into a standard 10×12 inch picture frame.  The smaller painting was always intended on being in portrait format, but the large canvas lends itself to a landscape.  I had to flip it around a few times to work out which way I liked it best.  I might even keep it!

Regatta II – A Bit Bigger


IMG_4080 (Edited)-001

is now this!


Regatta II – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 12×12 inches

I liked Regatta so much that I decided to make another, but larger one.  However, trying to replicate a painting is a bit of a challenge and pretty much impossible.  I used some techniques I recently learned and am having a lot of fun with.

This painting took me longer than I thought it would.  I had to use two coats of gesso on top of the old painting to get rid of the marks so I could start over.  Thankfully the weather has been nice and I was able to have the layers dry in the sun.  Although a bit different, the color scheme is the same as the other painting.  I am really liking painting with greens and blues so much.  Just like being at the seaside!

I also added thicker paint to the sails.  This made such a difference that I did the same to Regatta as below.


Regatta – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 9×12 inches

As you can see, I didn’t add thick paint to all of the sails here as I wanted the small ones to fade in the distance.

Both these paintings are now available in my Etsy shop here.  Or you can click on the sidebar.  There is Free Shipping on orders of £75 or more.  Coupon FREE75.

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Hello!  We’ve just come back from our annual camping holiday to France and while waiting for work to roll in (and after doing shed loads of laundry!), I have made a painting to commemorate our lovely vacation.

You may remember this:

IMG_4099 (Edited)

This is the painting of my favorite teapot from the Lynn Whipple course I did in March.  I loved the background, but not the rest.  I have had it sitting around these last few months waiting for my hubs to move a painting in the kitchen to hang it up.  I am so glad he hadn’t done that!  There are many layers on this cradled wood panel.  Here is what it looks like now.

IMG_4370Regatta – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 21×29.5cm

I used some of the techniques I learned in the Mixed Media Express 3 online course with Julie Prichard.  I managed to save some parts I really like and you can also see some of the other marks underneath if you look closely.  It wasn’t my intention to paint a Regatta, but that is how it turned out!  Maybe my sub-conscious won out as I did have a plan to make a Regatta painting based on the boats we saw on Lac Annecy in France.  I may even make some more as I enjoyed painting this so much.

Here are a couple of close ups:

If you want to see some photos of where we stayed this year, I put up some posts on my other blog, Dream Big – Pack Lite.  I needed something to do as I didn’t have any paint with me! 🙂

Happy Painting People!