Playing With Colors



Playing with green – an easy way to make trees with paint, water and salt on Bockingford – A4


Painting a rainbow – paint, water and salt – on Bockingford 140 lbs – A4


Playing with red – this is one of my favorite color combinations so far!  I used Mission scarlet lake and schminke translucent orange.  The scarlet lake was a free sample.  I think I may need to order a large tube of it.   This was done dipping the brush in water and then straight into the paint, then on dry paper. Lots of clean water was also used, and then salt.  It looks like a very weird landscape.  My husband thinks it looks like a lava flow.

These paintings were just exercises as a warm up and to see how the paint reacts.  It is a good way to loosen up.  After loosening up, I tried making a poppy, in close up.

img_3144This was done on A4 with the same red and orange and the centre was painted in indigo.  This was my first attempt at painting a poppy this way.  I’ve been looking at it for a week now and decided that it is going to be framed like below.

img_3145I’ve flipped the paper around and took off the edges.  So now I have an abstract poppy!

Some Flowers in a Field


I have been working through the book Paint Yourself Calm: Colourful, Creative Mindfulness Through Watercolour Paperback, by Jean Haines.  I am trying to find a loose way of painting in watercolor that doesn’t stress me out.  I have noticed that I make more of a mess and my hands get pretty dirty!  Most of all, I am actually enjoying myself.  Here are a couple of pieces I finally finished off this afternoon.

img_3127These are Dandelions – WC on Bockingford – 3×6 inches (approx.)

I made the grasses first and added the flowers afterwards.  This is from a lesson.  As this is quite small, I might use it for a card.

img_3125Tulips in a field – WC on Bockingford – A4

This is one I did on my own.  They could have easily been made into poppies.  Only 4 colors used here:  Daniel Smith Cadmium Yellow, and the rest W&N viridian, alizarin crimson and hookers green.  Also used a bit of cling film.

I have also painted a few more (for another post) and am waiting for paint to dry.  I think waiting for paint to dry is the hardest part!  I might go and make a cake now!  Hope you enjoy these.

A Few Landscapes


After I painted myself calm last week, today I worked on a few landscapes.  I have pretty much avoided painting them as somewhere in my mind I thought they would be difficult to do.  And the very weird thing is that I LOVE landscapes.  I live by the sea and near the countryside.  Something I wanted to do all my life and have been doing it for the last six years.  I really should be painting it.

After I painted my exercises in yellow, I put them aside to dry and started by painting some trees on the horizon.  I waited all week to finally finish them and here they are.

img_3120Poppies in Field – WC on Bockingfor 140lbs – A4

I think I like this one best.  I worked on it last, so maybe I got better as I got going.  My husband says it looks like a place we walked to on the Camino de Santiago.

img_3121Landscape – WC on Bockingford 140lbs – done on a scrap


Poppies in Field – WC on Bockingford 140lbs – half A4

These were fun to do as I didn’t know how they were going to turn out.  I used cling film on the middle one to make the field more interesting, but you can do whatever you want.  I kept the colors limited and used a fair amount of water. I’m not sure what I am going to do with them, but at least it has given me ideas to work with if anything.