Red Geranium



Just finished this afternoon.  Red Geranium, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 7×10 inches.  Sorry about the quality of the photo.  This was done from a photo taken of flowers in my garden.  I think this is better than the last one I did.  I am putting aside watercolors for awhile and getting back into painting with acrylics.  I tried to keep things loose with not too much detail and yet trying to maintain all the lights and darks.  One I actually started painting, it only took a couple of hours, which is very quick for me.  Hope you enjoy it.🙂


Geraniums in Blue Pot II



As stated in my previous post, I wasn’t happy with this painting.  So I painted over it with acrylics.

IMG_3093 (Edited)

I think it looks much better.  After painting this I realised I need to paint in acrylics more.  I’ve been back from my holiday for a week now and pretty much went straight back to work!  So things are definitely back to normal.  I didn’t do much painting to sketching while we were away as we did a lot of walking, but I took a lot of photos and hope to do something with them.


The dogs had a great time too!🙂

Geraniums in Blue Pot



Watercolor on A4 Bockingford.

I’m not too crazy about how this turned out, but it might be my last one for a little while.  I might paint it again and do something different with the leaves.  I also wasn’t crazy about how the reds turned out, not vibrant enough for me.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  At least I managed to get a photo before the dogs destroyed the flowers!


Here are the little tinkers with our campervan and tent.  We tried out everything and set it up for the first time this past weekend.  Everyone has their passports up to speed, even the dogs.  I’m even going to try to do some sketching and painting!  See you when we get back!