Untitled – Acrylic on Paper – 12 x 12 inches

There is a lot going on here, I know.  I’m really enjoying playing with the brayer and seeing what happens.  I used Liquitex Muted Grey and a Titanium White.  The grey has a blue bias which really comes out when the white is added to it.  I like using the liquid paints with the roller as I really don’t need to use too much paint.  Hope you enjoy it!




I took all of my rescued paintings off of my dining room wall and hung up all of my newly framed paintings.  I did say there was some glare!  I think my picture framer did a great job.

I’ve been looking at these paintings to see which ones I like best, but having diverse tastes means that I like them all so finding my ‘style’ is going to be a challenge.  I also enjoyed creating all of them.  There is something for every mood!