Successes and Fails

Most artists will only show you a successful piece of work.  Here, I will bare all and show you most everything, because I always think we can learn from our mistakes or failed works.

After a successful (well, I thought so anyhow) first attempt with the Gelling Printing, I went to the beach and the woods to collect some more material for my printing.  I was very excited about printing with found items.

Firstly, I started with some seaweed I found on the beach.

I had been starting off by using my sketchbook to lift off the first print.  As you can see, that didn’t work out so well.  Neither did the ghost print on my deli paper.  So, I tried a different approach.

This time I used the Deli paper to take the first outline print.  This was easier as I had a single sheet of paper in my hand and I was able to press around the seaweed, rather than putting my sketchbook on and hoping for the best.  You see, seaweed can be quite curly and lumpy and bumpy as there are pods in them.  I am happy with these prints for now.  They look more like coral, but I am ok with that and have some ideas on how to use these in a painting.  The ghost prints didn’t turn out well at all, but more on that later.

As seaweed printing wasn’t very productive, I proceeded to continue printing with my haul from the woods.  Leaves are good.  They are relatively flat and you can get some good detail from them.

The first and last print are in my journal (where I took two outline prints) and the middle is the ghost print on deli paper.  When I pull off my leaves, I tend to stick them on the outline print and roll them out quickly to pull off the paint from the leaves to make a print.  Sometimes it works.  I superimposed two ghost prints on the deli paper.

Some leaves are better than others, but not these.

I had some loose leaves that I found on a broken branch.  The print on the left is the outline print in my sketchbook.  When I pulled off the leaves for the ghost print, I put them in the white spaces in the sketchbook and rolled them out.  The ghost print on the right is on deli paper.  I then rolled out some yellow and put the leaves back on and used them as stamps for the outline print.  It is not so easy to see how they came out.  I then picked up what was left over with the deli paper, but it didn’t come out that great.  I may need to work on this some more.  I can see some interesting shapes in the white spaces.

Ferns are great for printing with.  They are flat too!

The ghost print wasn’t so great on the last one, but I still like it as it is different.  So, what about the ones that didn’t quite make it as a mono-print?

If you open these photos you might be able to determine what the ghost print was supposed to be.  Rather than throwing out the deli paper, I decided to use them to lift off the paint from the gelli plate.  What I got is some interesting textures.  There are about 3-4 layers of paint on each of these.  The first one looks like a stone wall with some plants in front of it, to me.  I am sure I can do something with this one.  As for the others, I am not so sure.  I may need to turn them around to see if there is anything of interest to pick out to paint.  If not, I might just print over them.  These are what I call my fails, but only because they didn’t turn out the way I would have liked them to.  With printing, you never know what you are going to get, a bit of hit and miss, like life!

A Cool Way of Using Your Gelli Prints

The Gelli Print on the right is the original print.  I made a copy of the photo and enhanced it, on the left.  As you can see, it is just that little bit sharper.  I really love this image as it is so abstract and subtle.

I hadn’t been in the mood to paint since I came back from my holiday on Monday.  I spent that whole day doing laundry.  Thank goodness the weather was nice.  Doing laundry was all I could cope with, and walking the dogs.  Yesterday it rained, so I did food shopping (I have such an exciting life).  Luckily, we had a lovely walk on the beach in the morning before the rain kicked off.  No one in our house seemed motivated to do anything.  Not even the dogs.  I think we all had the post holiday blues.  I read some art magazines that came in the post and watched you tube videos from some really talented people.  I was mainly looking for videos on how to transfer images using an ink jet printer.  Then I came across the video below:

Such a clever idea, don’t you think?

The Gelli Print on the right is the original print.  I made a copy of the photo and enhanced it, on the left.  As you can see, it is just that little bit sharper.  I really love this image as it is so abstract and subtle.  I’m not ready to use the original piece yet, but I am happy to try the technique in the video one day and try out something I have in my mind.

Saying that, I am actually motivated to do some more printing today.  The holiday blues must be over. 🙂



My Gelli Prints



Hello People!  I have just come back from a three week camping holiday in France.  It was très bon! No internet, lovely weather, and outdoor living!  Here are a few photos!

France 2017We camped at a lake south of Bordeaux for two weeks and then slowly made our way back to the UK in the last week.  We camped at sand dunes and near some lovely villages and towns.  We had some stunning sunsets.  It was great, in spite of the heat wave!  Even the dogs had a blast.  They love anything to do with water.  We even swam in the Loire River.

We arrived at 5am this morning, so, apart from laundry, I am not doing much today.  Before I left for our holiday, my Gelli Plate arrived and I managed to make some prints before we went away.  While I was waiting for my Gelli Plate to arrive, I spent a lot of time on the internet looking at different ways of using it.  I never knew all of the different and wonderful ways one could make prints.  I wish I heard of this great device sooner.

So, while walking the dogs in the woods, I picked up various items of vegetation to use on my Gelli Plate.  Ferns, leaves and other broad leaf items seem to work best.  By the way, poo bags (nappy sacks) are great for storing booty when out and about.  Just make sure they are fresh ones!  So here is what I did:

This is the first one I made and probably one of the best.  I found white parchment paper from Lakeland – left,  and used and old art journal I had for years but didn’t know what to do with as the paper is not great – right.  I pulled the first print off on the journal paper and then pulled the leaves off and made the print on the parchment paper.  While the leaves were still wet, I put them on the journal in the empty space that was created and rolled them out with the brayer.  I did this process for most of the pictures below.

Grass didn’t come out too well.  The nice thing about these prints is that I can still add things to them.

I think these three are my favourite. They are a bit abstract

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want, but I had some wet leaves and tried something different.



And here is one really bad fail.  But all is not lost as I can still work on this.  Not so bad for a first attempt at Gelli Printing! 🙂