Flowers in my Mind

  While going through my artwork to put on Etsy, I found something I had made a while back that didn’t quite work out for me.  So I had an idea and voila!  Here is the finished result.  The idea was to put paint on paper with no intention and then find the thing you need to […]

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Round and Around

    It seems once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  I was hooked on making swirly patterns and creating drips.  This time I thought I would try the portrait format.  Before I started my painting, I put a coat of gesso on the canvas board and then added some more gesso on top of […]

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Under Control

I enjoyed painting Flowerburst so much that I decided to make another painting.  This time I tried to control the drips in order to create a still life of flowers in a vase.  Sometimes being in control is not always a good thing.  Although I like what I created, the process wasn’t as freeing as […]

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