Hidden Talents

I come across a wide variety of people through my dancing.  Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to really get to know someone.  Dancing is the priority.  Talking or chit-chat is something one does in-between dances.  It needs to be simple conversation because it is highly likely that one will be interrupted mid-sentence for a dance. It […]

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Getting Ready to Leave the Nest

There are seagulls nesting in my neighbourhood.  I was woken up recently to what sounded like a troupe of howler monkeys, but it was only the seagulls.  I am reduced to sleeping with the windows closed in order to wake up at a reasonable hour.  My only consolation at this point is that once the […]

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If you are wondering what Eastbourne is looking like at this time of year, here is a photo of the Beach a couple of weekends ago when it was very hot. You might wonder where all of the people are. Actually, they seem to congregate more between The Pier and The Life Boat Station/Museum.  I […]

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