Light, Books, and a Painting

I am feeling poorly today (very bad cold) and stayed home from work.  I have recently ordered a slew of books from Amazon.  BTW I very rarely ever pay full price for any of my books and am more than happy to buy a used book as long as it is in good condition.  It […]

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Hello people.  Working for a living can sometimes sap your energy for doing anything creative.  By the time I get home, maybe walk the dog, make dinner, regroup with the hubby, etc., the light has gone and so has my mojo.  Weekends have been a time of catching up and maybe getting a chance to […]

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Playing with Watersolubles

Having a new dog and having finished my second week into a new contract leaves me very little time for painting now.  I have managed to snatch some time on the weekends to play with some of my water solubles.  I have a book,(yes another book!) by Fiona Peart about using water solubles.  I also […]

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