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Playing With Collage

It has been rather busy here on the home front these last couple of weeks.  I have a temp contract at a school and I had a visit from my daughter recently.  With the short days and work, I hadn’t had time to do any arty things except buy a book on collage.  Now, I probably don’t really need a book on collage, but I felt I needed some inspiration.

I had an old painting I wasn’t happy with, so I decided to use it for a collage piece.IMG_3466This mixed media piece is A3 size and I really don’t like it.  Really.  Nothing is ever going to make me like it as it is.  So, I cut it down to two 8×8 inch pieces.  Now they look like this:


For the collage above I used a piece of a gelli print, printed paper, a transfer I made for another painting, paper that I rolled my brayer onto during one of my printing sessions and some Acrylic Painting paper that I used for leftover paint.  For the collage below, I just cut up a piece of Acrylic Painting paper with leftover paint.  I just happened to have a piece of paper that had similar colors to the background piece.

mono287-001I’m not sure if they are finished, so I will just hang onto them for now.  It is good practice to keep your work even if you don’t like it as you may find some other use for them.  In any event, I like them better this way.

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Selling Your Work

When I first took up painting and drawing I never contemplated selling any of my artwork.  After all, I was only a beginner and just learning how to do things.  Most artists whose work I see online have been to art college and have been making things for around 20 years or so.  If it takes 20 years to hone your craft, then I might start selling my work in my 70’s as that is about 20 years from when I started.  It probably takes about that long to develop one’s style too.  My style is eclectic to say the least, but at least I am getting closer to the halfway mark on the experience front.  Though I recently met a woman who didn’t make any art until she was 60 and is selling things 10 years later.  So I am actually feeling more positive.  The interesting thing that has come up over the years since I first tried painting is that people have asked me if I sell my paintings.  It didn’t seem to matter to them that I had only just started.  I suppose it is more about what people like and what they are willing to pay.

In saying all of that, I see artists selling work who have no formal training, and that have not been working that long, selling loads of work.  Some of them do not even use artist’s quality materials which do not make them archival, nor do they follow acceptable print guidelines.

Is there really a line to be drawn between experience and talent?  Who decides that?  I am bringing this up and asking these questions as a friend was at my house over the weekend (not a close friend) and asked me how much I was selling these prints for:


She really liked number 3 and 6.  To be honest, I had only recently signed and numbered them and was thinking about how to present them before I thought about any price.  I told her that I didn’t know as I hadn’t got that far yet and asked her what she would pay for it.  She either wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me (or probably hoped I would give her one for free).  She did admit that I couldn’t be giving things away all of the time, but I still didn’t get a straight answer from her.  I might have given her one if I hadn’t already given her something this summer, or if she was a really close friend or family, but my instinct said no.  It was a principle thing.

I put the question about pricing to one of the Facebook groups I joined and the answer was to see what other people at my level were charging and go from there as people will pay more for an established artist.  Although on one level that makes sense, a part of me did not really find that comment really helpful and is easier said than done.  Although there are many artists that live in Eastbourne, it is very difficult to find out who the print artists are or where they sell their work.  We don’t have galleries here that sell current artists.  If I have to search county wide, that will almost be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Finding people at my level!  Where to start?

Eastbourne is having their Artists Christmas Open houses two weekends in December, so I might actually go around the houses to see what other people are doing.  Also, the Eastbourne Society of Artists are having an event at the Town Hall next weekend, so I will go to that.  Maybe that is a start.  And in the process of writing this post, I now know what I can probably ask per print based on what people were selling theirs for at the print fair that I went to recently.  There were many people there who hadn’t been making prints for 20 years and still they sold items.  There were so many different styles and methods.  There were students and established printmakers.  There were very simple designs to very complicated works.

So, although I don’t paint or make prints to make money, it would be nice if I could sell some to pay for my materials and make room in my small house and put a little piece of me out there in the world for someone to enjoy.

Any thoughts or comments about this topic would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for stopping by!