50% Off Everything Sale on Etsy

I am having a 50% off everything CLEARANCE sale in my Etsy shop from the 27th of April until the 27th of May 2019.  I am also keeping last year’s shipping fees even though the price of postage has gone up.  Why the sale?  I need to make room for new work.

So grab yourself a bargain people, cause when it is gone – it is gone!  Click on the link on the side bar to go straight to my shop.  Thanks for stopping by!

Leftover Paint

IMG_4581Leftover Paint – Acrylic on Canvas –  40x50cm (approx. 16×19.5 inches)

I know I talked about using leftover paint many times.  I think this is one of the first paintings I have created using leftover paint.  I thought I might have posted a photo or did a blog post about it, but I couldn’t find anything to give you a before photo.  Anyway, I painted this many years ago and it has been sitting on a dresser, unfinished and unvarnished.  I am not even sure if this canvas had an unsuccessful painting on it before I started slapping the paint on.  As you can see, there is a lot of texture on the canvas as I must have prepped it with some sort of texture paste beforehand.

I remember just using the leftover paint that I had and then adding more and more until I got the painting above.  It isn’t supposed to be anything.  I just really liked the colors and how they went together.  As I said, this painting was just lying around and I decided to finish it off.  Since I first made the painting, I have acquired more products and learned more techniques.  So, after painting the sides a deep turquoise, I used glazing liquid and fluid paint to jazz the colors up a bit.

I also gave it an isolation coat and a final coat of varnish which makes it nice and shiny.  Here is where it lives now.

IMG_4606 (1)Technically, this is the first painting of 2019! 🙂


WIP – Green Stripes

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, but things have been quite hectic on the work and home front.  Our little dog became quite ill, although it took a few weeks to work out what was wrong with her.  It turns out she has Addison’s Disease, and is now on the mend.  It is amazing how a tiny tablet can work magic and turn things around.  This is a lifelong condition, but at least it is manageable.  I’ve also finished one work contract and started a new one the next day, so no rest for the wicked!  The clocks going back don’t help either.  Instead of waking up at 5am I wake up at 4am.  It seems my body clock only requires 6 hrs of sleep a night and a nap in the afternoon.  Unfortunately naps are not allowed at work!

Weekends have been about catching up with chores, dogs and husband.  If I can find some time, I try to get some arty things going.  I did make some Christmas cards with the gel plate as I found some more blank cards lurking around.  I will show them to you when I’m ready to send them out.  I have also been doing a bit of prep on some cradled panels, A3 size.  They needed 3 coats of gesso.  I also started a small painting in some vibrant colors inspired by my duvet cover. 😉

I thought I would show you my WIP.  Here we go:

IMG_4498Green Stripes – Acrylic and collage on Canvas Board – 10×12 inches

This reminds me of patchwork fields.  I still think it needs something, but not sure what, so I have put it aside for now.  This is what I did with the leftover paint on another 10×12 inch canvas board.

IMG_4500I am afraid to do anything with this as I really like the softness of the stripes, so I am leaving this one also.  By the way, I try to have something to wipe my brushes on such as a spare canvas, panel or even paper for collage.  This way you don’t waste paint and you can start a great underpainting for your next master piece.  Who knows, your leftover paint could become a masterpiece in its own right!