Online Art Class – The Finale

FullSizeRenderStill Life – Mixed Media on Paper – 12 x 12 inches

I managed to finish my online art course on Easter Sunday.  The plan was to upgrade to a 16×16 inch cradle board, but I have plans for those boards.  This final painting is the product of a combination of techniques we have been working with over the last few weeks.  I am not used to working with watersoluble media and acrylic paint together, but it did lend to some interesting effects.  My favorite part was drawing very loosely.  As I am not trying to make an exact copy, I felt more free to let the line go where it wanted to.  You can still tell what my things are.  All in all, I quite enjoyed this online class. 🙂

While working on my lessons, I was inspired to look at other artist’s works and to learn more about them.  This brought me to the world of Cubism and Picasso (a genius) and Georges Braque, Paul Klee and other post impressionist artists.  It isn’t as if I hadn’t heard of these artists before, but I was inspired to delve deeper and learn about their lives and what motivated them to paint the way they did.  I have added a few more books to my collection for inspiration.

On another note, many of my paintings in my Etsy shop have now expired and will not be relisted.  There are still a few more days to grab a bargain as there is a 40% discount with a minimum spend of £50.

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On-line Art Class, Lesson 2 Revisited


As you know, I am doing an on-line art class.  I really have enjoyed the 1st and 2nd lessons, but my paintings in lesson 2 were bugging me.  So, all this week I have been looking at them and tweaking them here and there.  I made one on paper, and I made one on cradled wood.  When it came to putting on a glossy isolation coat on the wood  some of my marks smeared.  I tried to be as gentle as I could, but my water soluble pencils still streaked.  Yikes!  The only thing to do was to let the gloss dry and then paint over it.

The one on the left is the before, and the one on the right is the final result.

IMG_4080 (Edited)-001I was sorry to cover up some of my marks, but I went in with an etching tool to make some scribbles and some of the marks showed through.  I’m really liking this now.  It feels more balanced.

This is the one I did on paper.  Too many marks were showing through on the left.  The one on the right is the final piece.

IMG_4085 (Edited)-001

This one is for framing under glass as it is on paper.  I was able to use the pencils on top.

Now, I know it was only a lesson and so I really didn’t have any attachment to the outcome.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed making this and how it turned out.  I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect the first time I did it, but it came out so much better than I thought it would that I decided to try it on the more expensive cradled wood panel.  Then I waited and invested more time in making them better.

So, what have you been working on lately?  Thanks for stopping by.

I Had an Ah-Ha Moment!

I have been reading Julie Prichard’s blog.  I really like her work.  So much that I bought the book she wrote with Chris Cozen. (Read her blog, you will find out what the book is.) As I have been reading blog’s at work, I have to watch the videos with the sound off.  But I will most likely do an on-line course with her once I see how I get on with the course I will be starting next week.

I went back to almost when she started writing her blog and discovered that she hadn’t been painting that much longer than me, and that she doesn’t like drawing (like me).  It was the ‘she doesn’t like drawing’ bit that got to me.  I really don’t like it.  I don’t doodle.  I bought a book on how to get out my inner doodle.  One of the things I like about making prints is that I don’t have to draw.  What I love about abstract art and mixed media is that you really don’t have to draw, or even draw well.  I no longer have to beat myself up over the fact that I am not motivated to draw.

If I have any kind of artist envy, it is envy for those that have a dedicated art studio and that can paint full time.  I aspire to having a room (not the dining room) that is totally mine and where I didn’t have to work for other people the way I do now.  That is my intention that I am sending out to the Universe, amen.

It looks like I may be at this contract until the middle of April now (I told them I was good until the middle of May) and so my painting will be limited to weekends unless I have some good light when I get home from work.  And then I will have to fit in this on-line art class!  Yikes!

So, in the meantime, why don’t you have a look at my Etsy 10% off Mother’s Day Sale and buy your mom one of these lovely paintings ready to pop into a frame:

These are all original works of art, made by me!  Thanks for stopping by!