Making Cards

I previously wrote about my ‘unsuccessful’ prints.   What made them ‘unsuccessful’ was partly because the print didn’t come out well on the paper for framing and partly because they were blah.  So, I fixed them up and made them less blah.  In fact, some of them turned out really well.  Unfortunately they were still ‘unsuccessful’ because the print on the edges was messy or it didn’t register perfectly.  I still hung onto them as I thought I could still sell them as collage paper.  That never happened.  I mentioned that I went to a craft show in London and bought some card stock.  In fact, I have 150 blank cards, 6×6 inches.  These are the perfect size for my ‘unsuccessful’ prints as I made them on the 6×6 inch gelli-plate.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon cutting down my prints and made them into cards.  Guess what?!  They make great cards!

Downloads2This came about because I needed a nice card for a birthday.  My husband thinks I should pack them up and sell them in my Etsy Shop.  I am not sure about that as I haven’t been too successful selling anything on there.  But I am toying with the idea for Christmas Cards as I purchased  some stencils that I was wanting to make cards with. (That’s another blog post altogether.)

Once I had finished the cards above, I went through a bunch of what I thought were successful prints, but to me just seemed blah now, so I reworked some of those too and made them into cards.  I don’t think they are something I would want to sell, but I am getting a huge stash of cards that I would be happy to send out to family and friends.  Another good thing about that is that they are original and one of a kind, never to be repeated – and that my friends is the beauty of making monotypes.  So, instead of felting another sleepy animal, I spent the afternoon making cards, playing with paint and a glue stick.  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!


40% Off Etsy Sale!

Flowerburst – Acrylic on Canvas Board – 10×12 inches

Hello everyone, I am having another Etsy Sale!  This time I am offering a whopping 40% off with a minimum spend of £50!  Most of my paintings are not much bigger than the one above, so this is a good time to order a couple or a few, as we know that unless you are going BIG, smaller paintings and prints look better in a group, as below.

Etsy Photos

The reason behind this massive sale is that many items will expire on the 2nd of April and I will not be relisting most of them as I am working on new projects.  At the beginning of the year, I reduced the prices of many of my paintings and kept the prices of the prints reasonably low.

I am running out of space on my walls!  Everything you see on my wall below is listed on my Etsy site and will be shipped with the mat (NOT framed).


Here are a couple of ideas for groups:


Remember, these are all originals and when they are gone, they are gone!  I made my first Etsy Sale this week!  One of my little paintings went to live in the USA!  I hope it gets there quickly and in one piece!

In the meantime, you can visit my shop by clicking here or on the link in the sidebar.  I would be really grateful if you would share with your friends if you think they would be interested.  Thank you for stopping by!